This is DesignDash.

A fabulously simple online design visualization, creation & consolidation platform that enables designers and the design-savvy to create and manage projects. When you're done looking for inspiration and are ready to start creating, it is time to start dashing.

Design ideas come full circle.

Our cloud-based application simplifies the process of design by visually navigating the entire design process from inspiration to installation. Simply and efficiently synthesize, organize, and store design inspiration from social media, upload new images or plans, and create beautiful, sharable design presentations from anywhere. At-a-glance graphics allow instant tracking of project progress, budgets, and feedback.

We are the future of design.

The world of design is changing. Clients and DIY-ers are empowered by the web to find inspiration for projects and participate in the design process. designDash was born out of the necessity to adapt to and leverage existing platforms + simplify the process for everyone involved. designDash is not business or design software; don't call us a social media platform either. We are the very best aspects of all three… and then some. Award winning designer, Laura U assembled the designDash team and spearheaded the app's development in order to harness the power of technology in this changing industry and to help build efficiency at her own design firm. The result is something so easy-to-use we can't help but share it with the world. An application that marries our love for beautiful design with our love for making things happen. designDash turns your "someday" into today.

Start Dashing