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Design Dash founders, Melissa Grove and Laura Umansky
Join our workshops, held throughout the year, focusing on everyday challenges facing design business owners.

Are you ready to change the design industry with us?

Because you deserve to love your business as much as you love design.

When we entered the design industry, we quickly discovered that while our firm was doing well, the path upward was lonely and filled with uncertainty. Our colleagues were feeling this too. We founded Design Dash to change that. We are connecting interior design business owners with the resources we found lacking and to build a community that pushes us all forward.

We want you to join us in redefining how creative entrepreneurs find fulfillment and success. At Design Dash, you’ll be a part of a unique peer network, with access to resources that we’ve built with over a decade of design business expertise.



But you’re not sure how to reach them. 



And you’re not sure how to develop them with your team


Community. Coaching. Confidence.

Resources you want and connections you need.



Our online resources focus on streamlining your workflows, so you can focus on finding real work/life balance



Our community is committed to bringing standardization to the interior design industry, so we all have access to a reliable path toward meeting our goals



Belong to our curated peer network of like-minded creative entrepreneurs who share success, failure, and best practices

Join the Design Dasher Network, a peer group for interior design business owners


The Dasher Network

Monthly meetups and round-the-clock support from interior design business owners just like you.

When you join the Dasher Network, you gain access to a community of wonderful individuals who actually understand what it’s like to be a firm owner. From unhappy clients to unhappy team members, we are constantly problem-solving! And we owe it to ourselves to find a balance between taking care of our teams and clients with taking care of ourselves.

Membership in your Dasher Network spans 6 months. In addition to your monthly meetings, you’ll have access to your peer group in our virtual forum. Talk freely and confidently about anything from what you’re doing at High Point to vendors raising MSRP to juggling school pick up with your site visit schedule – nothing is off the table! Plus, find yourself in the “Hot Seat,” where you can bring a specific issue to the group and workshop a solution, or simply vent! You’re guaranteed to hear useful insight and warm advice from a special group of people who have been there.

Design Dash - Community, Coaching, Confidence
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“I feel like we got so much great information from this. We had questions and Laura had answers!”



Share your knowledge and thrive.

How to Apply 

We review all applications to ensure each Network cohort consists of your peers. Once accepted, you will belong to a group of 10 savvy business owners at similar stages in their careers. 


Join our Design Dash Mastermind and find support and accountability as a design business owner

$1500 one-time fee

Active participation in the Dasher Network is critical for everyone’s success. The joining fee ensures members are committed.

24/7 access to the platform
Monthly “hot seats”
First access to workshops

Your Dasher Network peers will be similar to you in terms of annual revenue, team size, time in the industry, and more.


Melissa Grove and Laura Umansky of Design Dash, interior design business coaching

$865 monthly

Dasher Network Membership lasts 6 months. This includes 5 monthly meetings with your curated Dasher Network to address industry-specific topics, both personal and professional.  

Monthly deep dive meetings
Meetups at High Point Market
Group sessions at KBIS

Access to quarterly and annual planning workshops, so you can set goals with your peer group and keep each other accountable.


Pros and Cons of Equity Financing as part of an optimal capital structure


One of your monthly meetings is an in-person, 2-day retreat! We’ll come together to truly connect and collaborate in a fun location.

Guest speakers from all industries
Interactive workshops
Daily activities to focus on balance

Retreats will take place with your group to continue important conversations and group work. *Plus travel and accommodations.

We’re waiving all Join fees if you apply before May 12! Don’t miss this. Apply today!



What do you discuss in the Dasher Network?

Everything! You can expect to hear about pricing, dealing wtih difficult clients, how to hire and onboard new team members, and how to kickstart or accelerate your marketing strategy. We also discuss what it’s like to be working moms, how to be okay with taking time for ourselves, how to beat imposter syndrome, and so much more. Nothing is off the table.

Do I have to participate in every meeting?

We encourage everyone in the Dasher Network to be as present as possible to get the most benefit out of your membership, but we understand that things come up. If a certain member is missing several discussions over the course of a couple months or not participating fully in our online community, then it hurts all of us and may be grounds for dismissal. We want committed members who value taking the time to work ON their business in a collaborative peer environment.

What are the benefits to joining your Dasher Network over others?

We are woman-owned and led, and our focus is on other female entrepreneurs. We emphasize the collective experience we all share by focusing on what’s challenging our members specifically, not just the industry as a whole. Our members drive every discussion, from deciding workshop topics to setting the tone in our monthly meetings. Because we are so member-driven, you will have a direct impact on your experience. Along with your peers, we are here to guide you with 24/7 support in our online community.

What if I want to leave the group?

We’ll be sorry to see you go! But we’ll be wishing you well. Just give us a 2 month’s heads up so we can bring in another member to the Dasher Network.

What is the annual retreat like?

It will be so much fun! Each year, we will pick a different location to host our in-person meetup. Over the course of 2 days, we will participate in special workshops, goal-setting sessions, and host activities that address our mental and physical well-being. Special guests across all industries come to share their experiences with success, failure, and everything in between. You will be with your Dasher Network group, so any discussions from the previous month or in our online forum can be continued. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, motivated, and supported.

Do you do one-on-one coaching?

We believe in a group coaching environment to fully maximize the expertise of our industry to foster your personal and professional growth. Some of our group sessions will definintely have a one-on-one component, but we are certain you’ll actually get more from the group setting. We believe that we’re better together. That’s the Design Dash ethos.

Design Dash founders, Melissa Grove and Laura Umansky answer your interior design business questions

Apply Now for the Dasher Network, opening May 1

We want you to love the Dasher Network and feel supported with great coaching and resources.

We review all applications on a rolling basis to ensure our Dasher Network groups consist of true peers. Please fill out the application form and we will get in contact with you ASAP to place you with some amazing people!