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June Group Session


Welcome to our second group session! Today, we're going to focus on everyone's favorite topic: process. We will share our current processes. Which ones are successful? Which ones need work? What does the group need in terms of systems, tools, and documentation? Some business owners love process and have fully structured procedures for nearly everything […]

July Group Session


For our third session, we are going to focus on our teams. How did you build yours? What challenges did you run into along the way? For some members, improving their hiring and onboarding processes is a top priority. We will discuss best practices, learn how to elevate ourselves while delegating effectively, and gain skills […]

August Group Session


It's our fourth session and today, we're going to talk about all things finance. From revenue to profit, from equity to debt, we'll cover the most important aspects of the lifeblood of our interior design businesses. If profit growth is one of your priorities, we will discuss how to work backwards in setting realistic milestones […]

Dasher Network In-Person Workshop Day 1

Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL

Join us in the Windy City! This is the first day of our in-person intensive workshop, taking place during Design Chicago. Together, we will participate in our network discussions at the Merchandise Mart, including annual planning. We have a fabulous, hands-on lunch planned with the wonderful team at Monogram. And there will be some fun […]

Dasher Network In-Person Workshop Day 2

Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL

Day 2 of our in-person, intensive will continue our discussions from the first day. We're touching the most important pillars of your business: Team, Finance, Vision, and Voice (marketing). Plan to hear from guest speakers as we tour The Mart and see some of our favorite vendors. More information to follow.

October Group Session


Congratulations! It's our last session and hopefully, you have made lightning speed progress on your personal and professional goals. We will wrap up by sharing what we've learned, what we've accomplished, and what we hope to do in the following weeks. Progress is a process. We'll continue to support each other as we find success […]