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Summer Finance Series

June 30   |  July 28  |   August 25  at 12noon CST

This summer, we’re hosting 3 workshops focused on a not-so favorite, but oh-so necessary topic: finances. We’re going to make it approachable and easy as we touch on: building a business plan, debt financing, applying for grants, and the value of seeking equity partners.

These short lunch-and-learns will be informative and engaging. They are intended for interior design business owners at any stage, and we are hoping you’ll come with lots of questions to get the most out of them. 

Sign ups will be available soon. For now, browse the summer finance series topics below.


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Two interior designers building a business plan together in a bright office

Summer Finance Series: Building a Business Plan

June 30, 2023   |   12-1pm CST

To kick off our Summer Finance Series, we’re starting with an essential topic for any firm owner hoping to scale: Building a Business Plan.

A thorough interior design business plan serves as a roadmap for success. It also underscores your firm’s value and outlines your vision for the future — both of which are key when seeking funding from lenders or investors.

Attendees will learn how to build a business plan for a loan application or investment bid, how to foster banking relationships and how to establish credit history. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of capital structure fundamentals – fully prepped for our second workshop on debt and financing!

Summer Finance Series: Debt Financing for Interior Designers

July 28, 2023   |   12-1pm CST

RLoCs, SBA loans, invoice factoring: when does taking on debt make sense for designers?
In the second installment of our summer series, we’re delving into debt financing. When compared to equity financing, debt can offer business owners control, flexibility and cost savings as they scale.
We’ll cover the pros and cons of debt financing, and outline the many funding opportunities available to designers. Learn to distinguish between good and bad debt, which purchases to finance and how to manage debt as a business owner.
functional or skills redundancy means you can replace based on expertise and experience
women working together; the importance of cross-training

Summer Finance Series: Grants and Equity Investment

August 25, 2023   |   12-1pm CST

Not every firm is in the position to take on additional debt. If interest payments and monthly remittances aren’t the right fit for your firm at this stage, join us for a chat about grants and equity investment,
In the third and final workshop of our Summer Finance Series, we’ll take a look at funding opportunities you don’t have to pay back right away – if at all. Many corporations and non-profits award small business grants, while the number of VC firms investing in creative businesses is quickly growing. 
We’ll also discuss the value and challenges of selling equity to employees and non-institutional investors. 


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